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Dear Scholars…

Welcome back, and happy New (school) Year!

Since the first week of school is always a little bit crazy, I’m writing today so you can get to know me a little better. (I’m already looking forward to reading your letters to me — please see our Google Classroom for the assignment when it is posted on Tuesday!)

Some basic information about me: I am a proud Ritenour graduate, live in University City and have tons of family in Overland, and spent most of this summer by the pool (or at Skeeters frozen custard) with my nephew L.



I’m also a scholar right alongside you: after school hours, I head to UMSL to continue my master’s degree in English. This means I’m very aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a learner! One of the biggest benefits of still being in school means I have a lot of empathy for all of us as learners. It takes time to attempt something new…but sometimes, I know I just have to buckle down and start my work to get it finished. You’ll see me write down my to-do list, check my calendar, and use a timer for work constantly; these are habits that help me break massive tasks into more manageable pieces. Those habits keep me on track. Once I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my calendar or starting my weekly reading at the same time each night, it gets easier: less like trying to climb a mountain, and more like taking the stairs.

Even with all the good habits in the world, I definitely have some weaknesses as a learner. In college, I was exasperated to learn that I couldn’t actually major in everything–I would have to pick an area or two! I truly am interested in everything from salsa dancing to soccer, Shakespeare to super heroes, writing blogs to riding my bike around town. This makes me truly awful at choosing only one or two things to learn at a time, and can make my life a little scrambled sometimes. (Make sure I still look human around Halloween, please!)

Though I know I’m going to try and fail at dozens of different things this year, I’m excited to give them a shot anyway and see where I can succeed. What I hope most is that I can help other scholars in our classroom push the boundaries of what they think they can accomplish–I know you can exceed your own expectations.

Please respond to this letter by Monday, August 22th. You may use any form you would like: handwritten letter, typed/hyperlinked letter, video, audio, Prezi, Powerpoint, Powtoon, or other on-line platforms I don’t know about. No matter what form you choose, this is your chance to tell me about yourself–the stage is yours! You must (a) Tell me a little about yourself (for example: personality, family, schools attended, interests, sports, hobbies, clubs, pets, friends, etc.) What interests you? Why? What are your personal dreams and plans? (b) Discuss your past experiences in English classes. What do you enjoy about English? What did you dislike about your past English classes? How do you feel about writing and grammar? (c) Explain your needs and personality as a learner. What do you need from me to learn well? How do you learn best? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you confident in discussions, enjoy writing, an excellent speaker, a great participator, a quiet leader, or an outgoing personality? (d) Discuss the upcoming school year. What do you hope to learn this year, and what do you expect in this class? I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your dreams this year.

With all my hope, help, and best wishes for a great school year,


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  1. Donoven Bone

    i think this year will be great with you as a teacher.

  2. Jarod York

    I hope to have a good time in your class.

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