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Happy Friday the 14th! (?)

Though not quite as spooky as Friday the 13th, this Friday is still appropriately gloomy and eerie. Sitting in the library for professional development (with the rest of the ELA teachers and World Languages too), I can see the clouds rolling in over the football field and leaves beginning to blow off the trees: the perfect setting to begin our work on Gothic writing.

Today’s blog prompt, if you are feeling similarly creepy and ready to write on an October weekend:


Continue this story in your blog post. See where it takes you!

Wishing you a creeptastic weekend,


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  1. thisperson

    You step back and scream. Just as you turn to run, he steps forward and grabs you by the throat. His nasty cunning smile inches from your face. You try to scream.You try to pull away. The oxygen slowly draining from your system. Drop, by drop, by drop. His merciless eyes stare into your yours. You can barely feel the cold wind blowing through the old castles windows.He was nefarious,evil and iniquitous.Your life slowly slips away as you suffocate. You give up.Your your hearth stops beating,as swiftly as it begun.

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