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Conference time!

It’s parent-teacher conference time, which means long days, but also some good opportunities to get on the same page as parents and catch up with favorite alums and colleagues in the lulls.

I saw double or triple the number of graduates (from my class, not necessarily school) compared to current students. That’s not necessarily unusual or worrying – – that’s just spring conferences. My grads come over a little slyly at first, because they’re not sure if they’re still part of the “in” crowd.

“Come on over!” I got to call out at least ten times. “Once my student, always my student! And you still get candy at conferences!”

Having a little bowl of treats is a tiny gesture, but it’s one of welcome, and one that seems to follow them all the way to senior year. Even my long-ago freshman students still say hi to me often (not just when I have Hershey Kisses), and I like to think it’s because they know they are always invited in.

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  1. Tracy Brosch

    Candy! What a great gesture 🙂

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