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Finally, it’s spring!

The equinox hit this afternoon, not long after I headed out of school. Though I’m not spinning any eggs in celebration πŸ₯š, I have been doing some fresh-start celebrating:
*Clearing old clutter from my classroom, to make room for new organization and more books
*Finishing old planning and grading, so I can start fresh after break
*Decluttering closets (both to donate old clothes and make room for summer pieces coming up)
*Planting new bulbs last weekend, and meaningfully eyeballing herb seeds in the Aldi checkout line
*Setting clear intentions and goals for this season – more on this later!

To cap off the evening, we even tried a new dinner spot, where I ate crawfish until I was completely silly. Happy spring for sure.

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  1. Tracy Brosch

    Love this! Makes me feel rejuvenated with a slight urge to go clean my closet πŸ™‚

  2. Fatemeh

    meaningfully eyeballing – lol – been there πŸ™‚

    • mellyteaches

      Haha, yep… I think I live in that state of mind…

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