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Student Blog Guidelines

Student Blog Guidelines

adapted with permission from Mrs. McNally’s Mumblings,

Each of our posts will be different, but they should all follow the general guidelines below. For each post, there will be extra information/expectations given by Ms. Melly. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom or on Ms. Melly’s blog.

General Blogging Guidelines

1. Think about your digital footprint

A digital footprint is a snapshot of everything you post online. Consider how you look to others viewing your post. Be sure what you’re putting out into the world is the snapshot of yourself you want to put forward. Spelling, grammar, and academic vocabulary help you create a credible footprint. Proofread and double check your work before you publish.

Be sure to THINK before you post.


2. Keep your personal information private

Keep your posts free from last names, phone numbers, screen names, and personal email addresses. Although many people will want to read your blog for positive reasons, there are bad people in the world. Stick to your first name and last initial. Your blog is PUBLIC, so stick to information you are comfortable with the entire world knowing.

3. Be kind and constructive

Any time you post about your opinion, you are taking a risk in sharing your thoughts and feelings. You will not always agree with what your peers post. You will come across topics you are passionate about. Be sure you are being kind and compassionate in your posts. Although it is always your right to have an opinion, you should refrain from sharing opinions that may make a peer feel marginalized or hurt. When commenting on the work of classmates, be positive and constructive. Focus on the good things in their post and help them be the best they can be.

4. Write about peers only with their permission

Ask for permission to talk about a peer or classmate. If you do not have their permission, do not share their name! Be wise when sharing stories about peers and classmates. If the story will make the subject uncomfortable to know it has been shared publicly, do not share it.

5. Check, double check, and then check again

Your blog posts are public once you click publish. Check your spelling and grammar before posting. It is helpful to copy and paste your post into a word processor to check for spelling mistakes before posting. You will establish credibility with your audience if your posts are well-written and free from mistakes. Again, think about the digital footprint you’re making. Make sure you put your best foot forward.

6. Cite your sources

You should always give credit where credit is due. If you obtained any facts or even just ideas from another post or article, you MUST cite the source. If you do not give credit to the original author, you are plagiarizing. Plagiarizing will always result in failing the assignment. Please cite your sources. Standard citation form for this class is MLA format. You can brush up on your formatting by checking out the link below.

Purdue Online Writing Lab, MLA Format

7. Back up what you write with solid evidence

Now that you know how to cite your sources, please make sure you’re using them! Be careful to not report any false information. Make sure you totally understand the topics you’re talking about. This will also help with your author credibility. Be sure to use reliable sources which are free from bias– www._myopponentisdumb._org is probably not an unbiased source.

8. Keep it on task

When blogging, we will always have some kind of educational goal or idea we are practicing. You may be tempted to add your own ideas and posts of your own creation to your blog. That is fine, but please keep the posts education-centered and class-appropriate. You should avoid linking a personal blog (or a personal Instagram, or a personal Snapchat, etc.) to your class blog, as it may accidentally reveal information you don’t want to share.

Return to our Google Classroom and comment there that you have read these guidelines and will follow them. Happy blogging!


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