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Brave new experiment. First class blog posts!

The day has finally arrived! After setting up blogs, reading guidelines, and getting comfortable with each other, we are finally sitting in second hour and writing our first blog posts.

I love overhearing the conversations today–“What’s that in your bio? What?!” “No, you go to your dashboard, and then…” “Your theme is sooooooo pretty!” “You spell galaxy G-A-L-A-X-Y…”–and watching everyone get excited about writing. That excitement is the purest reason we write: to communicate with other people.

My greatest hopes for our class blogs this year: that we will stay this excited, that we will try new things and succeed, that we will try new things and fail, that we will make new connections beyond our classroom.

My greatest fear for our class blogs this year: that tests or fire drills or spotty Internet or life will get in our way, and we will get distracted from our great experiment before it gets off the ground.

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