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Blog # 8 – Pop Sonnet

Author’s Note: I am ridiculously proud of this sonnet. Many thanks to the people who directed me towards the Shakespearean Translator and also rhyming websites — this was tough even with good resources! Try to guess what it is before clicking the reveal link, and bonus Internet points if you can figure out the link between the sonnet number and its source material.

Stay warm and see you on Tuesday! ~Melly


Hark, I watcheth thou as a hawk, aloft
In th’ heavens, seeking hunted prey.
I promise thee, if we keep talkin’ soft
Th’ hook-up will result one of these days;
And yet, I know not if my course is wise.
I’ve been holding back this secret from thee
I belike oughtn’t disclose it; advise!
If’t be true thou wilt repartee
Thou canst not speak it; nay, not t’ a soul!
Knave, I must take care before disaster.
I desire a lov’r most responsible
Of my heart and spirit t’ master.
Verily, I requireth somebody
Bid me, art thou that somebody?

Can’t guess? Click here for the answer!

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